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Village Taxes
Village Tax Rates
Property tax*
General sales tax
Liquor Tax
Food and beverage tax
Amusement tax 0.0%

* Per $100 of Assessed Value

Tax Philosophy
The Village of Woodridge has had a long standing philosophy of keeping the taxes low for Woodridge residents and businesses. At a property tax rate of 0.234%, the village property tax for each $100,000 of assessed value (assessed value equals 33% of fair market value) is $234. In addition to keeping the property tax low, the village sales tax rate at 7.75% compares favorably with neighboring communities, nearly all of whom have a rate as high as 8.5%.

Unlike several home-rule communities, Woodridge does not assess a food and beverage tax, liquor tax or amusement tax in addition to the general sales tax. With lower property and sales taxes, the overall cost of a company’s products and services are reduced for their customers, giving Woodridge businesses a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Property Tax Information
View a presentation that explains how property taxes work.

Michael Mays
Director of Community Development

Ph:(630) 719-4766

Jason Zawila

Ph: 630-719-2906

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