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Issue 6 – What does the Village Do? Part 3: Business Visits
Another important component to the Village’s economic development efforts is annual meetings with local businesses or “business retention visits.” These meetings provide the Village with the opportunity to better understand the needs of local businesses and how the Village might play a future role in helping businesses expand within the community. This effort helps build relationships which is an important consideration with a business deciding in the future whether to relocate or stay within the community.

On an annual basis the Mayor and Village staff conduct the Village's Business Walk. The Village visits every tenant in a chosen shopping center. This economic development effort assists the Village in connecting with local businesses, gather their experience in conducting business in Woodridge, and learn how the Village can work to help support their needs.

Business Visit Outcomes

Visits between Village staff and businesses provide companies with a local contact that can help address questions or future needs. After the business visit, Village staff will provide follow up to any issues or questions that arise during the meeting.

Following visits, the Village remains in contact with the business, providing assistance when needed. In past business visits, the Village was able to:

  • Offer suitable sites and or buildings in the Village for their expansion needs
  • Assist the business with navigating commercial zoning, taxes and other government processes
  • Establish contacts with other governmental agencies (i.e. state level financial assistance)
  • Understand and leverage a wide variety of programs that may be at their disposal from county, state and private means (i.e. business counseling, financial resources, workforce)
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships with other area businesses

Sometimes business closures or relocations are out of the Village’s control, such as the  Dominick’s closure (i.e. it was an ownership decision to close all Illinois stores) or the closing of Sam's Club. However, the Village’s commitment to local business success through retention visits benefits the community by helping to maintain a locally strong economy and an employment base for Woodridge residents.   

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