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Economic Development

In addition to the available properties listed on the Availble Sites Map above, the Village is also highlighting the following 5 locations for potential retail opportunities in 2014.

Lower Taxes!
Woodridge is sensitive to the impact taxes have on business operations.  That is why Woodridge has a very competitive sales tax compared to surrounding communities and looks for other ways to reduce the property tax burden.

High Quality of Life.
Woodridge employees and residents enjoy a high quality of life that is the result of diverse recreational opportunities, well maintained municipal services and a diverse economy.

At The Crossroads.
Woodridge is linked to the Chicago region by I-355 and I-55 which intersect in Woodridge.

Plenty of Customers!

Within a five mile radius of Woodridge, there are over 268,000 residents with a projected 2015 median family income of $100,000.
Pro Business Environment.
Woodridge believes that its success is built on a diverse tax base. Commercial development is key to that success.

Staff with the Answers
Michael Mays today with any questions at 630-719-4766.

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Michael Mays
Director of Community Development

Ph:(630) 719-4766

Jason Zawila

Ph: 630-719-2906

Economic Development Video

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