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Water & Sewer Rates

In order for water to travel the distance from Lake Michigan to your home or business, miles of pipe, water towers, pumps, valves, monitoring systems and other infrastructure is necessary.  Qualified personnel, trucks, tools and equipment are needed to maintain and operate these systems.  Infrastructure maintenance, repair, and replacement is needed to provide consistent and reliable service.  Lastly, the cost of the water itself – a commodity that has risen in cost significantly over the last several years – is another part of all the costs associated with providing water. 

Stated simply, the costs for water are the price of the water plus the cost of conveying it to where it is used. Similar to all goods and services, the costs to produce, deliver and treat water, including maintaining and replacing water and sewer infrastructure, are on the rise.  These increases influence the cost of water purchased by the Woodridge Water & Sewer System and also represent increases in the direct operating costs of the system itself.

2016 Water & Sewer Rates

As result of increased costs, it is necessary to increase Woodridge Water rates starting January 1, 2016.  The rates have been adjusted to better balance revenues and expenditures, allow for investment in water and sewer infrastructure, and to make the providing of water and sewer services sustainable.

The impact of these increases on the average residential customer for the year
is $25 (based bi-monthly usage of 11,000 gallons and a 5/8” water service meter).

The new rates include a water use rate of $8.18 per 1,000 gallons of water, a $0.90 wastewater maintenance fee and a customer service charge which varies according to the size of the meter.  The Village is ever cognizant of the need to keep essential service costs to customers as low as possible, and has, and will continue to, re­examine service costs, contracts, capital needs and maintenance approaches in order to control expenses. The goal in operating the system is to provide consistent and reliable service while managing the system in a sustainable and responsible way.

Click here for a larger water rate graph.

View the video of the 2016 Water & Sewer rate presentation.

The graph above illustrates the components of Woodridge water rate costs, including the cost of water, cost to maintain the system, and the 2016 increases that are necessary for continued upkeep of the system.