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How Do I?


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1. My garbage was not picked up. Who should I contact?
2. What do I need to register to vote?
3. How do I obtain a Handicap Parking Placard?
4. Do I need a license to host a raffle in the Village?

Building Inspections & Permits

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1. What work requires a permit?
2. Why do I need a permit?
3. When does a permit expire?
4. Which contractors need insurance, bond and licenses?
5. Do I need a permit to put a new roof on my home?
6. Do I need a permit to install siding on my home?
7. Do I need a permit for a temporary sign?
8. What are the regulations for signs?
9. Do I need a permit to put replace windows or doors on my home?
10. If I do any work to my home, will my property taxes be increased?
11. When am I obligated to contact JULIE?

Community Development

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1. What work requires a permit?
2. What is planning?

Human Resources

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1. How do I apply for a job with the Village of Woodridge?
2. What is the next step once I apply?
3. How do I know if the village received my application or if the position has been filled?
4. What is the interview process? Will I be tested?
5. May I send an application or resume to be kept on file for future use?


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1. How do I contact a Village department?
2. Where can I find information on agenda items considered by the Village Board?
3. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?


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1. What are the Police Department hours?
2. What if I need police service after business hours?
3. How can I pay my parking ticket after the Police Department hours of operation?
4. When should I call 9-1-1?
5. Can I still call the non-emergency number (630-719-4740) and will someone answer my call?
6. If I call the non-emergency number (630-719-4740) after business hours, will someone answer my call?
7. What do I do if I have an after-hours Public Works emergency like a sewer back-up?
8. What are the rules for parking on the street during snow emergencies?
9. What can be done about illegal vehicle parking in the Village?
10. Does Woodridge have a curfew? What are the hours?
11. Will the Woodridge Police Department take my fingerprints for a job application or professional license?
12. How do I get a car seat installed or have a car seat checked?
13. How do I get a copy of a crash report?
14. How do I get a copy of a police report?
15. Who do I contact regarding how to become a police officer?
16. Does the department have internship opportunities?
17. How does the village ensure that there is adequate police presence?
18. What can be done about speeding vehicles in the residential areas of the village?
19. What can I do if a police officer acts in an unprofessional manner?
20. Why are bicyclists allowed to ride in the street?
21. What is the village doing to prevent the use of loud car stereos?
22. Do you allow residents and others to ride along with officers?
23. How can I find out about crime in my neighborhood?
24. How do I contest a parking ticket?
25. What do I do if my car is towed or seized by the Woodridge Police Department?
26. If I call 9-1-1 from a cell phone will the dispatcher still know where to send the police officer?