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Strategic Management Process
Goal Development
The Strategic Management Process is an important step in developing the village's goals for the coming year. Annually, village officials and residents discuss community needs, prioritize policy options, and set goals. The changing needs of Woodridge residents are recognized and addressed through the Strategic Management Process, which set goals that serve as a foundation for the annual budget.

Goal Setting
The Annual Village Board Goal Setting Workshop is a core component of the Strategic Management process.  At this meeting, the Village Board considers community input that has been received through various public forums such as Topic Forums and the Community Needs Survey.  Following that, the Board establishes Priority Objectives to be accomplished in the next 1-3 years.  The Board then reviews the Master List of Goals and, if appropriate, updates the list.  Finally, the Board selects the Key Goals for the upcoming budget year.

2018 Village Board Strategic Priorities and Goals

Community Needs Survey
The Community Needs Survey is a community survey that has been conducted for 27 years for the purpose of gaining feedback from the community related to services provided by the Village of Woodridge.

Town Meeting/Open House
The Village conducts a Town Meeting/Open House with Village Board members, staff members and residents in the fall of each year.  The feedback obtained from residents during this meeting helps to determine the goals that will guide the budgeting process.

Village Meetings
The public is always welcome to attend Village meetings.  Community involvement is vital in ensuring that the needs of our residents are being addressed.

Below is a listing of meetings and when they are scheduled to occur:

 Village Board Meetings      First and third Thursdays of the month
 Plan Commission  First and third Mondays of the month
 Board of Police Commissioners  Fourth Monday of the month
 Police Pension Board          The third Wednesday of January, April, July and October
Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, the survey generates questions that are routinely asked by residents. A list of frequently asked questions was compiled and answers have been provided. The answers contain information pertinent to the Police, Planning and Development, Building and Zoning, Finance, and Public Works Departments.

The Village of Woodridge strives to effectively communicate to and with our residents.  The Staff Directory is available for you contact us when you have a question you'd like answered, to voice concerns, and to share with us ways in which we can make our community an even better place to live, work and play.