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GRIT Program
GRIT Program
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The Woodridge Police Department in collaboration with Woodridge schools launched an innovative educational program - GRIT. Those that have GRIT possess a special combination of firmness of character and indomitable spirit to overcome challenges. GRIT is a concept developed by Angela Duckworth, Ph.D. that explains perseverance and passion for achieving long-term goals is vital to success. Essentially, GRIT says that the people that work hard, may fail, but are willing to try again, are those most likely to succeed. GRIT will also focus on educating parents regarding the current issues facing our youth.

GRIT is often a better indicator of success than factors such as IQ or family income. The Woodridge Police Department’s GRIT program will highlight perseverance, hard work, and a drive to better oneself – lessons that can have a long-lasting impact to achieve a higher quality of life.

School Resource Officers
School Resource Officers are sworn law enforcement officers responsible for providing security and crime prevention services in schools. The School Resource Officer is Jeff Bean (, 630-960-8962).

School Resource Officers are also available to speak at PTO meetings and local community groups upon request. For example, some topics include cyber bullying, internet safety, and other current trends / issues that help to keep the children of our community safe.

3-on-3 Youth Basketball Tournament
The Woodridge Police Department and Janes Avenue Neighborhood Outreach (JANO) are partnering to host a Woodridge 3-on3 Youth Basketball Tournament! This tournament was scheduled to take place in July 2019, but is now scheduled to take place sometime in the fall when school is in session. The event will be FREE. For more information, please contact the Woodridge Police Department at 630-719-4730. Event format:

-Individual (Player 1 only) or Team (Players 1-4) sign-up available
-Four player limit per roster
-Players may participate on one team
-Boys and Girls Divisions: 12-13 years, 14-15 years, 16-18 years

How to sign up to participate

1. Online registration form

2. Paper option. Another registration option is to download a complete the PDF application and drop it off at the Woodridge Police Department (1 Plaza Drive in Woodridge, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F) or the Woodridge Park District ARC (8201 S. Janes Ave. in Woodridge). 

Good luck to all participants!