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Garbage Collection & Disposal


    • Groot program structure is similar to the previous program with Waste Management. 
    • Groot Collection began on June 1, 2018.
    • Reduction in Sticker Cost from $4.15 to new rate of $3.50 per sticker (June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019).
    • Day of Collection remains the same.        
    • Four (4) weeks of free bagged leaf pick-up program in November.
    • Comingled Recycling - Residents can use existing bins, or purchase new rectangular bins for $15.00 (64 or 96 Gallon recycling carts are available to rent from Groot as well for $3.00/month)
    • Landscape Waste program will continue unchanged.  One sticker is required on each kraft brown landscape bag and on each landscape bundle.
    • As an Option, Residents can contract with Groot for Monthly Refuse & Recycling Cart Service.  2018 monthly rates are: 35 and 64 gallon cart - $22/month; 96 gallon cart - $23/month.  Carts can be rented for $3.00/month or purchased for $65.00. Previously purchased Waste Management Carts can continue to be used.
    • Clean-Up Day (previously Amnesty Day) on your regular collection day during the first week of October (October 1st - 5th).  Stickers are required on the first 5 items. All units in addition to the first 5 are free.
    • Bulk items will be collected curbside with 3 stickers per item
    • White goods (appliances such as a refrigerator): Optional service that require advanced notice to Groot at a cost of $35.00/per item.
    • Curbside E-waste Collection (Electronics): Optional service that requires advance notice to Groot.  Brown bag of small electronics: $20.00/per unit; TVs or monitors less than 50lbs: $50.00/per item.                


    Customer Service
    1(888) 485-0900
    Or, contact Woodridge Public Works at 630-719-4753.   



    The Village of Woodridge has a "bag-n-tag" curbside collection program. With this program, a sticker must be attached to all refuse or landscape containers. You may attach the sticker to a maximum 33-gallon plastic bag or a maximum 33-gallon rigid container. Containers cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. You do not need to put a sticker on each bag placed inside the garbage can. 


    Groot Garbage Stickers are used for refuse and landscape waste at $3.50 each and currently may be purchased at the following locations:    


  • Walgreen's                           75th & Janes Ave., Woodridge, IL  60517
  • CVS Pharmacy                    8645 Woodward Ave, Woodridge IL 60517
  • CVS Pharmacy                    8325 Lemont Rd., Darien, IL  60561
  • Woodridge Public Works     1 Plaza Drive, Woodridge, IL  60517
  • Ace Hardware                      6216 Main St., Downers Grove, IL  60516
  • Mariano's                             1300 S. Naper Blvd., Naperville, IL  60540
  • Jewel Foods                         75th and Janes Avenue, Woodridge IL 60517
  • Jewel Foods                         1156 Maple Avenue, Lisle IL 60532
  • Jewel Foods                         1227 S. Naper Blvd., Naperville IL 60540
  • Jewel Foods                         6215 Main St., Downers Grove IL 60516



Garbage and Yardwaste Pickup Schedule

  • Monday - north of Hobson Road and Thornberry Subdivision
  • Tuesday - west of I-355 from Hobson Road to 75th Street
  • Thursday - west of I-355 from 75th Street to 83rd Street
  • Friday - south of 83rd Street or east of I-355 south of Hobson Road


REFUSE MUST BE PLACED AT THE CURB BY 7 AM.  Items may be put out for collection after 3 p.m. the day prior to and must be removed by 8 p.m. the day of your scheduled pick-up. 


Trash Pickup During the Holidays
The following are trash pickup holidays:
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day
4th of July
Thanksgiving Day
New Years Day

If any of these holidays fall on a Sunday, Monday is considered the actual holiday.  Pick up schedules for holidays will be affected as follows:

Day of Holiday

Pick-Up Days Delayed One Day
Monday and Tuesday
no changes
Thursday and Friday

Disposal of Large Items
You may dispose of large items (furniture, bulky toys, bikes and anything else that does not fit into a container or bag) by attaching one refuse sticker to each large item and putting it out on your regular collection day. This does not include appliances (see section on " White Goods") or items over 6 feet in length. Call Waste Management at (800) 796-9696 for disposal of these items. As of June 1st, 3 stickers will be required and advance scheduling must be done through Groot at 1(888)485-0900.

Call Waste Management the day before your regular pick-up to inform them you will be placing tires out for collection.  Tires must be on rims.  A sticker must be attached to each tire.  As of June 1st, 3 stickers will be required and advance scheduling must be done through Groot at 1(888)485-0900.

White Goods
The Illinois EPA prohibits the disposal into landfills of any items that contain chloroflourocarbon (CFC) refrigerant gases and other environmental contaminants. These items are termed "white goods" and include refrigerators, washers & dryers, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, furnaces, etc. Residents must call Waste Management 48 hours in advance and advise that the white good is being placed for collection. The cost of this removal is $20.00 per white good. The charge for removal is the cost associated with bringing the appliances to a facility to have the contaminants removed. As of June 1st, the price will be $35.00 and advance scheduling must be done through Groot at 1(888)485-0900.

Disposing of Construction Debris 
Latex Paint Disposal & Recycling

Reduce Unwanted Mail
Find out about ways that you can reduce the unwanted mail that is sent to your home by visiting