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Senior Citizen Crime Prevention Tips
  • When you are taking a walk, don’t go alone.  Keep a cell phone with you, and be aware of your surroundings.  Try to walk during daylight hours.

  • Never open to the door to a complete stranger.  Ask them to who they are and what they want first.  Request identification if you are unsure, and call 9-1-1 if the person makes you suspicious in any way.

  • If you return home to and find your door open DO NOT GO INSIDE!  If you return home and find your home has been burglarized DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!  In both instances, call 9-1-1 immediately.

  • Do not hide a spare key around your home (under mat, above door) because the burglars know where to look.  Leave the spare with a neighbor or family member.

  • To eliminate annoying nuisance or sales calls, use caller ID.  If you receive a phone call from a number you do not recognize, simply don’t answer the phone.  Let it go to voice mail and check your messages.  If it is important, you can call them back.

  • If you receive a call that says you won a prize or large amount of cash (Publisher’s Clearinghouse, Lottery) DO NOT AGREE TO GIVE THEM ANY MONEY for processing fees or expenses.  Legitimate organizations will not ask for any fees up front because IT IS ILLEGAL.  Call 9-1-1 if you are suspicious in any way.

  • If you receive a call requesting a charitable donation, ask for their website or phone number so you can call them back and confirm it is legitimate.  If they refuse DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION because it is likely a scam.

  • Do not give out your social security number, credit card number, or bank account information to anyone over the phone unless you know who it is, and why they need it.