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Facility Needs and Master Plan Analysis
Watch Videos on Building Conditions and Operations at One Plaza Drive
These short videos are intended to provide additional information and visuals regarding the building and operational conditions at One Plaza Drive.  The first video serves as a summary of this information, with the remaining videos exploring certain topics in-depth.  Please take a moment to view the videos and learn more about One Plaza Drive.

Inside One Plaza Drive
One Plaza Drive - Condition Summary
One Plaza Drive - Evidence Storage
One Plaza Drive - Garage Operations
One Plaza Drive - Police Operations
One Plaza Drive - Road Salt

Building Conditions at One Plaza Drive
The information and pictures below provide information on the building conditions at One Plaza Drive.  Please refer to the Conditions Report or the One Plaza Drive Flyer for more detailed information.

A deteriorated roof seam has contributed to leaks.
  • Major components of the building including the roof and generator are reaching the end of their lifespan and are in need of replacement. The roof has deteriorated creating leaks within the building. A complete replacement is now necessary.

  • HVAC components either need replacing or do not meet today’s energy efficient standards

  • The Police Department has outgrown the building which has required the conversion of storage closets to offices, challenges in storing evidence, desk sharing, insufficient seating during roll call meetings, has forced trainings to be held offsite, caused storage issues in addition to other operational concerns caused by insufficient space.

  • Building lacks functionality and no longer meets operational needs of modern Police and Public Works Departments.

Covered records to prevent water damage.
  • Insufficient materials storage room. Limited storage makes the Village more vulnerable to salt shortages and drives up the cost of acquisition. The lack of room for vehicle maneuvering creates conflicts between vehicles accessing materials and the Public Works garages.

  • Limited space for storing of equipment and vehicles inside, increasing maintenance costs and decreasing vehicle life.

  • Stress cracks in the foundation of the building require significant repair.

Plywood repair of failed flooring as a result of a foundation crack.
  • Generator is 30 years old and requires extensive maintenance to maintain operation. It does not provide emergency back-up power for the all of the building’s needs.

  • Holding Cells do not meet current standards and represent a risk to occupants of the cells as well as officers in charge of monitoring.

  • The building is not currently ADA accessible. Significant remodeling of the building may trigger these and other requirements.

  • Costs to just maintain current facility without improvement is 2.7 million over the next four years.