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Television Service
The following television providers are available in the Village:

Please note that the AT&T U-Verse service is currently available in limited neighborhoods.  The Village works diligently with AT&T to encourage expansion of this service Village-wide.

See below for information pertaining to Comcast's Customer Service Center:

XFinity Store
1122 W Boughton Rd
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do my cable rates keep increasing?
The Federal Communications Commission dictates that the local franchise authority, the Village of Woodridge, is able to regulate only the cost of Basic Cable Service only if there is a lack of effective competition. In Woodridge, we do not regulate Basic Cable Service pricing. In accordance with Federal law, pricing on the other levels of service is not regulated. In raising rates, Comcast explains that they are passing on increased programming charges from popular cable channels like ESPN. Comcast says increases have also been used to pay for investments in new services like video on demand and improved customer service. Recently, satellite TV rivals have been effective in pressuring cable companies to maintain pricing levels. Additionally, telephone companies also are putting price pressure on the cable industry.

When will AT&T be available in Woodridge?
The AT&T U-Verse product is currently available in limited neighborhoods within Woodridge. The Village works diligently with AT&T to encourage expansion Village-wide. AT&T is able to distribute their capital improvement dollars without any direction from the local governments, including Woodridge. They continue to do some build out each year however, the location and breadth is determined by AT & T’s business plan. The Village will continue to work with AT&T to quickly review permit applications for future expansion.

How can I get AT & T in my area?
Please contact AT&T directly to express an interest. The Village of Woodridge encourages their service expansion.