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Residential Winter Information
Snow Shoveling Tips & Reminders
Residents play an important role in helping snow plow drivers do their job.  There are also steps that can be taken to minimize the amount of snow that is plowed into your driveway. Here are some tips to help the Village with snow removal and to keep snow from piling in your driveway:

  • When shoveling the end of the driveway near the street, place the snow to the right of the driveway (as you face the street). Snow piled on the left side adds to the amount that can be spread into the driveway.
  • On the left side of the driveway (as you face the street), clear a few feet of snow off of the street and curb line.
  • Do not shovel snow back into the streets - this causes ice patches which are hazardous to drivers and snowplows. Additionally, the accumulation restricts the view of motorists and inhibits the efforts of snow removal crews.
  • Keep trash and recycling bins behind the curbline to prevent them from ending up in the street.

Please Help Keep Sidewalks, Paths, and Fire Hydrants Clear
When the snow falls, it is important for sidewalks and pathways to be cleared to allow pedestrians safe passage. Residents are kindly asked to be neighborly and courteous by keeping sidewalks and pathways around your home clear of snow. Clearing these walkways allows for the safe passage of children, deliverymen, and other pedestrians as they travel Village sidewalks.

In addition, please keep fire hydrants on your property clear of snow and ready for use in case of an emergency. Residents who are physically able to are asked to clear a path to fire hydrants from the street along with clearing a three-foot perimeter around the hydrant so firefighters can access it quickly and easily in an emergency. If you cannot shovel, the fire district asks that you at least place a stick or other marker to indicate the location.

Occasionally, during the course of snow plowing, a mailbox may be unavoidably damaged. Should this occur, please contact the Public Works Department at 630-719-4753 to report the damage. A temporary mailbox will be provided if one is needed to prevent an interruption in your mail delivery. When the weather permits, permanent repairs will be made to your mailbox and/or post.

Parking is not allowed on any street on which there is an accumulation of snow two inches or greater in depth or which is being cleared or plowed.